Telwe, S.A., founded in 2.004, has extensive experience and know-how of our technology partner Wherle Umwelt GmbH ( more than 120 facilities worldwide).

Telwe, Inc, offers full service water treatment tailored to be particular needs of each client, providing solutions in the following fields:

- Design, supply and commissioning; We provide tumkey facilities for treating municipal and industrial wastewater.

- Operation and Maintenance: Operation of treatment plants integral. Service technical assistance from 24h.

- Consulting: Implementation of pilot plant studies, reports of operation, days on site in situ, remote control.

- Supply of reagents and consumables: Detergent , Activated Carbon, UF modules/ OI.

Telwe, S.A. offers the most appropriate solution for each type of effluent.

SISLtech - Sanejament Intel.ligent S.L. is a technological company founded in 2003. Since then is conducting studies and providing support on: integrated management of wastewater treatment infrastructures; energy optimization of wastewater treatment infrastructures; nutrient removal; reduction of waste production and optimization of waste treatment. SISLtech also has a wide experience in the development and implementation of Decision Support Systems (DSS) for supervision, control and management of wastewater treatment infrastructures, as well as for the integrated and centralized river basin management. The main product of SISLtech is atl_EDAR, a platform designed and developed for the supervision, control and management of wastewater treatment plants. SISLtech also promotes research and new developments. For this reason, is involved as active partner in a R+I Alliance project, 3 projects financed by the Spanish Government and has coordinated 3 collaboration projects, with 3 different consortiums composed by public bodies and private enterprises.

ABM GROUP is a Catalan group of consulting engineering firms divided into functionally independent business units, a structure that reinforces the company's adaptability and flexibility in responding to the needs of our clients and the market. The group strongly specializes in water engineering, with a wide portfolio of projects that range from flood risk prevention studies, hydraulic studies, project design and development to planning and management of urban wastewater treatment plants building projects, graywater treatment systems, rainwater recuperation systems, urban sewerage systems and potable water treatment plants.

The Group places the highest priority on quality and service excellence, focusing on the training, expansion and continuous improvement of our team. Our two locations encompass our Girona headquarters (in Riudellots de la Selva) and our Barcelona office. The group's core strength has risen to our current level of more than seventy professionals, a majority of whom are senior engineers, technical engineers, environmental sciences graduates and mid-level technicians.

The combination of expertise, references and Membrane technology of Mitsubishi makes it possible to achieve total solutions for (waste) water treatment & recycling. RWB supplied communal and industrial waste water treatment systems all over Europe and have been able to create satisfied clients. RWB’s dedicated engineers and experienced building, commissioning and maintenance team are able to supply clients, with or without interference of European partners, the following systems:

  • Aerobic Membrane Bioreactors (MBR)
  • Aerobic/anaerobic conventional biological WWTP
  • Physical/Chemical treatment systems
  • Recycling systems
  • Different types of Membranes of Mitsubishi
RWB Afvalwater is exclusive dealer of Mitsubishi Membranes for MBR applications in Europe

Since its founding in 1962, Espa-Bombas Eléctricas, S.A., is devoted to the design, production and distribution of pumps and water systems for domestic, agricultural and industrial use.

Over 40 years of innovation and service define a dynamic company characterized by its search for both general and specific solutions for each product, starting from exhaustive research, development and innovation, which have spurred Espa to international ranking among main pump manufacturers.

Due to a vision of the future that is on target, the evolution undergone by Espa is in harmony with the current demands in the world of pumping, to which it contributes its high-technology, innovative and efficient products. The importance given to high quality materials, such as stainless steel, and the continual investment in technology and quality assurance, ensure optimum production and proven guarantee.

Espa-Bombas Eléctricas, S.A. also offers the experience and support of its commercial and technical assistance, in addition to high quality management in logistics, distribution and post sales services, which provide responses that are agile, accurate and always close to the customer.


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